Document files can be added to the group by selecting the "Upload new file" button and selecting "Documents" from the drop down menu.

This brings up the "Upload documents" dialog box, enabling you to specify various options for your upload.

Save to Groups

If required, you can use the "Save to groups" dropdown menu to specify multiple groups to assign the document to.

Chunking Settings

Chunking settings can be modified as required.

Settings NameDescription

Chunking Method

Specifies the strategy used to divide the dataset into smaller, manageable chunks or partitions. Available Options: - Letter - Word - Sentence - Passage

Chunk Size

Specifies the chunk size when performing a semantic search. A larger chunk size can have more context, but then the tradeoff is loss of specificity in the answer. With larger chunks, you have less of them, and therefore less total database vectors to search and to score against your comparison input. Permitted Range: 0 - 4500

Chunk Overlap

Specifies the degree of redundancy or overlap between chunks of data stored within the vector database. A chunk in this context typically refers to a segment or partition of the overall dataset. Permitted Range: 0 - 4500

Files are uploaded by clicking the file upload area. Once the file(s) have been uploaded, click the "Create" button and your file will be listed under the specified group or groups.

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