Create a Flow

A Flow can be defined by either creating an empty Flow and building up the required logic processing from the large library of pre-defined components, or alternatively, you can select a Flow Template to either use directly, or as a starting point for further customization as required.

Creating a Flow from scratch

Clicking the "Build a flow" button and "Build from scratch" will open a new browser tab with an empty Flow, ready for you to populate with components from the Component Toolbox.

Now you can start adding some components to create flows with your imagination.

Creating a Flow based on a Template

Clicking the "Build a flow" button and "Use a template" will open the Flow Template browser. From this screen, you can browse through the available Flow Templates, using the Sidebar or search box, to filter through the different categories of available Flow Templates.

You can modify the template you used by clicking on the "Clone" button in order to add components on the basic template.

Opening an existing Flow

All of your Flows can be viewed in one place, by clicking on the "Flows" list item from the Sidebar menu.

Flows can then be opened by clicking on the desired Flow icon.

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