Publish a flow

A flow can be published by clicking on the "Publish" button in the top-right of the screen. Once you click the button, you can run your flow via an API or via Interface (form or chat).

Run via API

The first option when you publish a flow is to run the flow via an API. For that we have three different technologies : Python, Javascript and cURL.

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Run via interface

Form Interface

The second option is to run the workflow by a form interface. The user have to enter informations to build his flow. The user can also customize his interface by modifying the general information like title subtitile, logo/icon, the cover, the color and style. Once you have enter your question you can run the workflow by clicking on "Execute". After that you can check what the program have return and you can share the answer.

You can deploy your flow like down below.

Chat Interface

The third option is to run the workflow by a chat interface. The user can discuss with a chatbot like ChatGPT for example. You can also customize general information. You can start a new conversation by clicking on the triple-dot icon at the right hand of the screen. You can see all your conversations by clicking on the envelope icon.

You can deploy your flow like down below.

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