Database Workspace Resources allow you to create Database tables in which all Workspace Team members have access to. Each Flow within the Workspace can also access any of the Database tables.

SQL commands can be issued directly against any of the existing tables, or can be used to create tables via script.

You can create database tables and access them directly from your flows. Database tables can be created by various methods as listed below.

  • Data can be imported into an existing Database Table or a new database table can be created using either:

    • Google Sheets.

    • CSV File.

    • Microsoft Excel File.

    Data can be customized during the import process, so that only the data you want gets imported.

  • SQL commands can be used to create database tables.

  • Database tables can be created by duplicating an existing table.

  • Database tables, rows and columns can be created directly in the UI.

Tables can be searched or sorted by:

  • Directly using the UI by using the menu system.

  • Using SQL statements, which can be opened via the green "Command" button.

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