The Storage serves as a centralized location for data file storage. Users can download raw files to their local machines if necessary. Files placed in the Workspace File Storage area are accessible by any Flow in the Workspace. They can be deposited in the File Storage area either by the user or by a Flow, which can generate documents and store them in this area. Groups can be formed to aid in file organization.

Files can be added by clicking on the "Add" button in the top right corner of the File Storage window.

This displays the "Upload Files" dialog box which enables you to upload doc, docx and PDF files to the File Storage area.

After clicking the "Upload" button, the file will be listed in the File Storage window.

File operations

Clicking the triple-dot icon on the right hand side of each file brings up a dropdown menu, allowing you to rename the file, download the file or delete the file from the File Storage area.

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