DALL-E Variants

Integrate DALL-E into your Flows to generate diverse and creative images from textual descriptions.

The OpenAI component allows you to integrate OpenAI DALL-E image generation into your Flows. In particular, the following versions are supported:

  • DALL-E 2

  • DALL-E 3

The OpenAI component has the identifier of opa-X, where X represents the instance number of the OpenAI component.

The OpenAI component has the following parameters that can be specified directly on the UI component.

Parameter NameDescription


Specifies the number of images to generate.


Specify the output image dimensions.

The OpenAI component has the following input connections.

Input NameDescriptionConstraints

From Data Loaders

This input connection represents the context information for the OpenAI model.

Must originate from a Data Loader component.

From Input/LLM

This input connection represents the natural language textual description of the desired image.

Must originate from a component that generates a text string as output such as a Python or Text Input component.

Component Outputs

The OpenAI component has the following output connections.

Output Name FormatDescriptionConstraints

To Output

This output connection contains the graphical result of the OpenAI component.

Can be connected to any component that accepts a string input.

The OpenAI component has the following configuration options.

Configuration Option NameDescription


This is a user supplied textual description of the OpenAI component.

Use Cases

The following is a simple use case of the OpenAI component, where the OpenAI component is being used with the DALL-E 3 model, in order to generate an image described with natural language.

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