Audio Output

Capture computed audio data from your Flows.

The Audio Output component allows you to listen to, and download, computer audio content from your Flow.

Once the Audio Output has captured the audio data, the UI on the Audio Output component changes to allow you to download and playback the audio data.

Clicking on the triple-dot icon displays a menu that allows you to change the playback speed and also download the audio data.

The Audio Output component has the identifier of outa-X, where X represents the instance number of the Audio Output component.

The Audio Output component has no configurable parameters.

The Audio Output component has the following input connections.

Input NameDescriptionConstraints

From Text to Speech

This input represents the audio signal and is used by the Audio Output component to playback the audio file.

Must originate from a Text to Speech component such as Open AI TTS model.

Component Outputs

The Audio Output component does not have any output connections.

The Audio Output component has the following configuration options.

Configuration Option NameDescription


This is a user supplied textual description of Audio Output component.

Use Cases

The following is a simple use case of the Audio Output component, where the Audio Output component is being used to play converted text to speech audio via an OpenAI TTS model component.

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