Change Workspace

You might want to view and edit flows located in other users' Workspaces. To access additional flows, you'll need to switch your Workspace.

Note that you can only be working within one workspace at a time.

A User Account can be part of multiple Workspaces via being part of that workspace Team. By default, the current workspace for a user defaults to the their own workspace, however you can switch the current Workspace by navigating to the "Change Workspace".

The name of the currently active Workspace can be seen at the top of the Workspace section of the Sidebar Popup Menu.

Changing the workspace can be done by clicking on the "Change workspace" item from the Popup Sidebar menu. Available Workspaces are then displayed in the Dashboard contents page. To change the current Workspace, select the appropriate Workspace icon.

When the current Workspace is changed, all Flows within that Workspace are then available view the Flows item in the Sidebar Popup menu.

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